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My two favorite photos I took at comic con this year.

Exhibit A: What happens when two Jokers meet 

Exhibit B: Heimdall taking the escalator

heimdall is obviously guarding the bridge to the second floor you mortals

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That time I added a bit too much bubblebath to the tub.

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torchwood: children of earth: day one

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long and weary my road has been

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Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth:

Fragments of a tesselated floor from a Roman villa, 700 m west of the Forum in Ancient Corinth. These panels that framed the central composition of a banquet room depict a rich floral arrangement with centaurs and panthers. The floor was excavated by the American School of Classical Studies in 1962. The floor was lifted and restored by technicians of the Greek Service of Antiquities and Restoration and is displayed today in the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth, which is attached to the archaeological site of Ancient Corinth.

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